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you could try compiled release of the bazukas obs-linuxbrowser.
just download and extract and copy it to ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/.
it works for me fine in obs-studio from the version 23.x and to the current (25.0.0) on Ubuntu Studio 19.10.
Thank you very much, however, the release i cannot download because this is compiled for Linux x64 and not for ARM, so it will not work. It also needs CEF as depedency, so its very diffficult to build and will probably not work with ARM, so with this said, i cannot compile / use it :(. But thanks for your help! :)


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The browser source was temporarily removed from the PPA after discovering a crash. It will be added back as soon as we're able to fix the crash, or at least isolate it.


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Update: The browser plugin should be available in the PPA as of 25.0.1.
I just have installed update 25.0.1 and the Browser option appeared in the Add source menu. thanx.
but I want to clarify that the functionality of the official browser plugin is more poor than bazukas obs-linuxbrowser plugin which has the following additional (very useful) options:
  • realtime displaying of the changes in the properties window
  • horizontal and vertical scrollbars (as well as an ability to hide them)
  • custom css file (rather than in-window textbox)
  • custom js file
  • flash plugin
  • zoom ability
  • command line arguments
it is fair to say that the official plugin also has an option to control audio via obs which is absent in the bazukas plugin.
hope that the missing options will be realized in future versions.


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i don´t know what i am doing wrong but i can´t make it work the linux browser on my raspberry pi, downloaded the folder and put it inside the /.config and the obs folder insde plugins paste there and still nothing