Question / Help Browser can't "see" ANY cams when obs is open


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Hey folks, odd problem that I can't seem to find much support for: This is using OBS as a virtual webcam in Linux -- now, I have the loopback module installed and everything, and it works fine; i.e. I can preview my OBS output in VLC and gucview, etc --- but my problem is -- OBS seems to "disable" ALL webcams in both Firefox and Chrome. When OBS is not running, it can see and use my real webcam (and even detect the presence of the loopback, which obviously has nothing on it) -- but when OBS runs, no webcams are available for either browser?

I feel like i'm missing something obvious here? As in, it makes sense that OBS "takes over" my real webcams and thus they're not available to the browsers -- but again, the browsers throw errors and show no cams when obs is open. Once obs is closed (or all the inputs/outputs are off in OBS) the real cameras* are available.

*minor weird thing, but for sake of completeness: I'm using a Dell XPS 13 that actually exposes two "webcams" -- one of them is the real cam and one of them is obviously the infrared.