Borders and drop shadows for image sources

Use an image editor like GiMP, Photoshop, whatever.
Create an alpha/transparent background.
Make your image, and use the built in filters to create the dropshadow effect.

Export as PNG, preserve transparency and then import that into your scene.

Works perfectly.

I've attached an example made in gimp in ~20 seconds :)
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Thanks for your response and a good solution. However, I like to use the slideshow function in OBS and I do not want to have to open an image editor and add borders and drop shadows to the hundreds of images I might have multiple uses for.

OBS currently can add a color border to text, it can even scroll text. Why could there be a few more features added to the slideshow and the image display functions of OBS?

You might be able to batch-process with GiMP :)

My point however was, why wait for a unique requirement to be built in to OBS when there's a viable (if time consuming) method of accomplishing it yourself :)