Black screen when using lindy hdmi extender to connect camera


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Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble connecting my DSLR to OBS studio when using a lindy hdmi extender.

This is my setup:
- Canon EOS 760D
- Lindy Cat6 HDMI Extender (
- Cheap HDMI to USB Capture Card from Amazon (
- Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 720 from 2018 running Windows 10 and OBS Studio

When I plug the DSLR directly into the HDMI-Capture-Card everything works fine and OBS detects the Capture-Card as input-device and I can stream the video from my DSLR via OBS studio to youtube. Unfortunately I have a use-case where the camera has to be about 40-50 meters away from the streaming PC. Therefore I bought the Lindy HDMI Extender (No. 38139) to send the HDMI signal via a 50m Cat6A cable to the streaming PC. But when I try to do that, I only get a black picture as input in OBS.

I already tried the following things with no solution of my problem:
- switched out the Cat6A cables to other Cat6A cables with various different lenghts (shortest cable was 3m)
- switched out the HDMI-Capture-Card to other HDMI-Capture-Cards (another cheap capture card and a MiraBox)
- Plugged the HDMI-Out of the Lindy HDMI Extender into a projector/monitor. I could see the live picture of my DSLR camera.

Somehow the Lindy HDMI Extender in connection with an HDMI-Capture-Card does not work with OBS Studio.
Has anyone managed to successfully do what I had planned to do. Does anyone have a clue what else I could try to solve my problem. Does it work with other HDMI-Extenders that are not from the brand Lindy, or am I doing something wrong here?



ya been there done that. There is too much loss. The way I got around this with USBc cameras was to lower the resolution of that video device in OBS. You are also going to be fighting video delay i.e. say the computer is playing music and you are playing along on guitar or drums etc... there will be a delay between the music you hear and what you see on camera. The only way around that is to add several ms of dealy to the desktop audio sound under advanced settings. This is of course once you get the video issue resolved. If you are doing audio and video off the camera with NO sound on the laptop or other directly connected to the PC sources, you will not have that issue.