Question / Help Black Screen (MiraBox Capture Card + Panasonic Lumix G80)


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Hey everyone :)
Thanks for this OBS support forum! I have a big problem trying to stream on YouTube.

SetUp: Panasonic Lumix G80 <--> MiraBox (Capture Card) <--> iMac with OBS
Problem: I add the source "Video Capture Device" and select the MiraBox. But there is just a black screen.

After this i started some tests so classify the problem:

(1) Lumix G80 <--> TV
works. I can see the cameras display. so the HDMI Out is fine.

(2) PS4 <--> MiraBox <--> TV
works. I can see the PS4 screen in the OBS app and also on the tv. so the MiraBox is fine.

(3) Lumix G80 <--> MiraBox <--> TV
doesn't. Not even a signal comes to the TV.

Here the actual log file. Hope you can use it:

Honestly i even dont know if this is an OBS Problem, but maybe someone know what i can do to solve this problem! :)

Best regards


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If the combination Lumix > Mirabox > TV does not work, then the Mirabox does not support the resolution/framerate being output by the Lumix. And OBS gets a black screen because the Mirabox isn't getting the image.


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Hi MasterWizz! I am having the exact same troubles with the G80 (with GoPro and videocam Pana HC-X900 it is working fine trough the USB to the computer, but not showing on TV connected to the HDMI out of the card). Did you maybe find a solution? Thanks a lot for your help!