Question / Help Black Magic Intensity Pro 4K - not showing up in MP 0.12.2 Win7x64/OSX 10.10

Arctic Light

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I recently got the Black Magic Intensity Pro 4K, and already starting to suspect I bought myself trouble.

The card is not being recognized in MP 0.12.2 on either Windows 7 (x64) or OSX Yosemite (CustoMac/Hackintosh), multiboot on same PC.

Latest drivers 10.5.2 from BlackMagic.

I previously had OBS 0.657 installed and then my NVIDIA GTX680 was the only card recognized, although this is not a capture card.

Now in MP 0.12.2, no video card is being detected.

I read there is some trouble getting this card to work with Mac/OSX, but should it not work with Windows?

Please tell me what could be the reason for the card not being detected.
The video adapter field under settings is greyed out, nothing to choose.
Although the card is installed and recognized in Windows, and showing up under devices in control panel, and I am able to change settings under the blackmagic Desktop Video Utility under control panel.


Gol D. Ace

You're talking about the Video Adapter option in the Video section of OBS MP? (Same for the old OBS.)
That is only for graphics card and not capture cards and it will not show anything right now because it's not implemented yet.

For adding the capture card you click the + where it says sources and then you should be able to select Blackmagic Device.

If Blackmagic Device is not showing up try Video Capture Device.

Arctic Light

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You are absolutely right. I should have read the manual, sorry for wasting your time. Got it working in Windows, gonna test in OSX. 1080i 2160p working from my source, but not 1080p. Thank you :)