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So, I'm having a problem regarding my bitrate, when i start streaming my bitrate (set to 6000) is fine over there, then, over time it drops to as low as 400, even though i have CBR. It has caused, if I'm not wrong, my stream to fail midway through a few times, the only weird thing I see is the Bitrate as far as i can tell. When I'm streaming it's all working in the beggining but then twitch says im not online anymore, although my obs says I am and I can't hit the stop streaming button, i have to actually kill the process. Anyhow, I've been trying the whole of today to find a reason for that with no luck. If anyone could throw some light in this mystery I'd appreciate.
I've attached the last 3 logs, im certain that the issue occured in the last one, but im not entirely sure about the other two, but maybe they can help (?)
Cheers guys

ps: Also, as far as dropped frames go, those are pretty rare, usually 0.1% if thats relevant


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1. Disable/uninstall Streamelements.
If still having issues, then
2. Create a new scene collection with 1 scene with 1 game source.
If still having issues, then post new log.


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So i did that, which was working somehow, although the bitrate would drop to 1/3 occasionally, however, after i used the log analyzer (which i didn't know was a thing until a couple of hours ago), it prompted that i was using dynamic bitrate in the advanced tab. After turning it off, things were pretty smooth, at least until now, still need to run it a bit more but i feel like that that was the culprit.
Anyhow thanks for the help qhobbes!