Big Audio Problems


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I'll try to keep this short. I recently started trying to incorporate live streams into my podcast, specifically with a guest (live sports talk show). I am aiming to have people call in thru zoom and easily figured out how to get my guests video to show on screen alongside myself. My issue is audio. I swear ive spent over 20 hours, not kidding, trying to figure out how to be able to have a the guests audio show up on live stream, while im able to speak thru my microphone. I understand i have to download "Shiny White Box audio capture" and after a lot of trial and error, as well as youtube, seemed to have figured out most of it. But there is 1 issue. So i have an audio input directly from my microphone, as well as one for the guest (which is routed thru SWB). When i am able to have both audio sources playing for the stream, they are not able to be played at the same time. For example if my guest is speaking or playing a song or anything, the second i speak into my mic, and the level of that audio source fires, the guests audio drops out to zero. Makes no sense. I feel like im going crazy. If someone knows how to fix this or knows a simpler way to achieve what im talking about, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks and hope to hear back.


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Try using Ground Control CASTER pro by Ginger Audio -- it's a voicemeter like solution for the mac. It works well. The free version only supports one Microphone and desktop source --- but if you splurge and spend $80 for Caster Live --- you can add multiple sources into the mix. PLUS --- you can also toggle direct connect, so you can split your sources inside OBS into separate channels. Good luck.