Best performance setting with my laptop?


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I have a Dell Latitude E5440
OS : Win 10 Home
CPU : i5-4310U - 2.00Ghz, 2601Mhz, 2 Cores, 4 Threads
GPU : intel HD Graphics 4400 (200 - 1100 MHz)
RAM : 4GB (Not sure What available physical memory is but it says 1.56gb)

I want to only record a OperaGX browser at 720p 60fps
What should i keep my settings?


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I don't mean to sound like an arse but why not experiment and see what works well?
I aggre and so i want to try! I have very well optimized my laptop to be almost double the performance and so wanna try recording at 720p60. I'm in search of settings that could atleast get me close to it!


As a starting point I would recommend using QuickSync, change the preset from balanced to speed, use CBR as the rate control method. Start with a low bitrate and increase until you reach a point your happy with.