Question / Help Best Computer for OBS?

I need advice buying a laptop best suited for my use of OBS. Any recommendations or info on what to search for will be very helpful. Here’s the rundown:

-I will only be using OBS to record reaction videos to YouTube videos, so I’ll need to simultaneously record my screen and my webcam (Logitech C920 Pro) without lag.


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Any modern laptop is going to have very little issue dealing with your need. The only thing you would specifically want to avoid is anything of the ryzen line that doesn't have a dedicated GPU -- intel cpu's have quicksync, which can be used for encoding if you don't have a dedicated GPU.

Past that, if you are looking for something with a dedicated GPU, Nvidia would be preferred as long as it's a GPU which contains the NVenc encoder (you can check the compatibility matrix here).

Again, your needs are fairly minimal, since you're only recording -- that means that the quality of the encoder/preset can be sacrificed and made up for by using a higher bitrate. So in a pinch, you could even use x264 on super/ultrafast on a low-end CPU without quicksync and still get the recording quality you would need, just as long as you set up your output accordingly.