[BACK ONLINE!] Twitch Online/Offline Image status

tHesR5 said:
Sorry for the delay on the updates to this, our little bundle of joy has arrived and I've been tending to my wife as she heals so I havent had much time on the computer these past few weeks.
Hey no problem mate, take your time. There are more important things in life than updating a Twitch online/offline status tool.

And Congrats
Awesome little project you have here! I really like it. Would you mind if I borrowed one of your online/offline images for use in a little project I'm working on? I won't use your script per say (wouldn't be using your bandwidth) I just like your images and it saves me time rather than making my own or using coloured text :P I will of course credit you!
Great script, I had one before, but it seems to have died. I've been searching ever since. Thank you kind sir.

Status: Working
Great stuff, tHesR5!

So far I came up with this:
Is it possible for the code to operate in such a way, that when people click the Online/Offline status it'll open the link to my stream's page in a new window (or browser tab) instead of loading it in the current, active window?

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The URL code is up to the forum or location you are posting it, assuming you can set your own target.

Example: (HTML Version)
<a href="http://www.twitch.tv/alderaanstreams" target="_blank"><img src="http://teamewix.com/stream.php?streamuser=AlderaaNStreams&th=sred"></a>
tHesR5 said:
The URL code is up to the forum or location you are posting it, assuming you can set your own target.

Example: (HTML Version)
Thank you very much, tHesR5!

Might you have something that works with this forum's signature policies?

Any chance you would be willing to share the code? I love this idea and want to implement it on a gaming website I help Admin... but don't want to use up your bandwidth since it has hosting it could use instead.
Well guys I'm having issue with the hosting at the moment... This script has grown a lot bigger than I had ever imagined lol. I'm working out the issue with my hosting department now on coming up with a solution. I hope to have things back up and running by the end of the day. Thank you all for enjoying this script! There are a total of 4,656 users that use this script!
Well we thought it was this script creating the issue but its impossible that it was this. Still troubleshooting but all the images should be coming back online within about 30-45min
I hate to inform everyone, but do to the size of this script and how large it has grown in order to get my hosting put back online I had to temporarily disable it. If anyone has a better hosting plan or a VPS they could host it on please feel free to message me.
You guys can find the raw script and all the images in the post that White Wolf has linked. If you have a host or know someone who can host it for you please feel free to take and use it as you wish!
I have the script hosted on my dedicated server for anyone to use, I highly doubt i'll have problem hosting it but of course we will have to see.

Some minor changes needed from what is posted in the first post.

and for different versions of the images.

See the first post for the different options for THEMECODE.

Op if you would like to keep developing it PM me and I can hook you up with access to upload.