Avoiding Mono Capture from HDMI capture card on Mac

Hey @dodgepong. Audio issue. Your advice is good if you're playing your game directly from a Mac, but what if you're capturing from console via Mac to broadcast kn Twitch?

The best I can seem to get is mono sound from my HDMI cap card.

First can a 96 kHz HDMI card that shows up mono on a Mac really a Stereo 48 kHZ sound card tgat the Mac OS is monkeying with to prevent music capture?

2nd, advice from a sound production website says to use a Sound Blaster in a USB port directly in a computer. It also comes. Out mono despite being a Stereo Cap card (why is it stereo? It shows 2 bars). However you still get mono.

3rd when I add a second Blaster, I tried plugging the left into one end and the right into the ither end using passive 3.5 TRS to Twin RCA amd plugging each RCA in a Separate 3.5 TRS. There us a high pitch squeal that comes on beoadcast. Is that a security feature?

4. I have NEVER OWNED A PC. I was seriously considering trading in my mac mini for an Intel NUC (the mist Mac Mini like of the PCs.)

If most of my online activities have moved on from a Mac to an Android (Apple couldn't tell me if an iOS app had a 3d camera app, but Motorola did.), thwn my Mac is basically an Outstreaming Console. And uf it can give me stereo game footage, then is it worth abandoning the Apple ecosystem to get headphone surround inputs from an Intel NUC?

5. Probably a NUC is good if you need camera bandwidth and have 3 Thunderbolt hubs. I do a show with 7 simultaneous video and 2 audio sources. (A game footage window, a 3d Face cam, a ed Hand Cam, and a 3d Body Cam. BTW 1 3d cam = 2x 2d cams.). If I get $400 for my 2018 mac Mini i3, and but a $250 NUC,. Is that a hardware upgrade or downgrade? I assume PC are cheaper because you pay for the "handholding" and Intel is relatively good about handholding compared to other PC companies. And how much hand holding do you need if you do email, web, and video inbound on an Android?

6. I called Apple and asked for an HDMI Input device, and they say they have no Apple made or authorized HDMI-in devices. Is that a hint that they are actively shooing away streamers? Can I handle a PC if on a Mac I can do Red and Cyan anaglyph 3d and 32x9 Google Cardboard compatible 3d on Twitch, especially if I only need it for Outstreaming and a few ansulary PC only things, like Fightcade, , Zoom calls, etc... And email and web browsing is taken care of by my Android? And most of the time when I call Motorola (a company who does unlimited walkthrough help) l am usually trying somthing new?

7. The rest of my family are as digitally germophobic as Adrian Monk is biologically germaphobic. I had a bad experience, but I know what to do. Back up stuff you want to save. Is there something like Time Machine on PC other than back ups? Now with a 250 Mb in and out internet web might be faster than hard wire.

Also is there a way to locally firewall my PC from the rest of the home network and outside network. I don't want their mac or info stolen. Probably if I assure my family that they are sade independent if my actions, they'll more likely be okay.