OBS Lua AutoSplitter 1.1


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Hi,friends,thank you for you work,this script is simple but very useful.It will help to stop data corruption and also help on showing reply in live production without losing video


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I just cant find out how to add the pause option of obs in the script
can someone help me
or if the creator reads this make an update


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Im sorry for this question but I need some help on how to set the time and how you would go about setting it up to work. Im a complete noob i could only find info that i paste the plugin into obs plugin folder but thats all ive done that and am lost on how to set interval time and continue im basically converting 100s of hours of 8mm camcorder tapes to my rig and having big ass files is not gonna be fun sorting. any help is extremely appreciated thanks in advance


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Any ideas on how to increase the re-recording interval, not instantly start recording, but wait 5 mins for example...
What/Where should I change?