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Auto Subtitle 0.6.0


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xm1994 submitted a new resource:

Auto Subtitle - Show the subtitle as long as you speak

Auto Subtitle for OBS! Show the subtitle as long as you speak.

Currently only support Chinese Mandarin.


  • Autosub Filter : transcode audio and send to Cloud provider.
  • Aliyun NLS: Support for Aliyun real-time transcript.
  • Xunfei RTASR: Support for Xunfei AI Cloud real-time transcript.
  • Huawei Cloud RASR: Support...

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I´m looking for a live Translation Subtitle from German as Speaking language and English as Subtitle language
already supported but you need to use aliyun as ASR service and Xunfei as translate service. Both of them are Chinese Provider.
Support of Google Cloud or Azure would be add later.


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xm1994 updated Auto Subtitle with a new update entry:

obs-auto-subtitle 0.5.0 Happy Chinese New Year


  • Change Aliyun NLS auth mode to aksk.
  • Change HuaweiCloud SIS auth mode to IAM user and password.
  • Add Microsoft Speech-to-text ASR provider.
  • Support obs-studio 29+


  • All auth info is persistence, please delete the filter or change to a wrong auth info when you do not need to use this plugin.
  • Not support obs-studio 28 on macOS, not tested on obs-studio 28 on Windows.

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