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Hello. I'm using OBS Studio 25.0.8 with either the Auto or the Advanced Scene Switcher.

I need to set a partial window title match for PowerPoint full screen slide decks. As you can see in the screenshot below, the window title includes the presentation filename. Since this is going to be used frequently for different presentations, I'd need to change the filename in the Switcher configuration each time, which is cumbersome and potentially problematic as I'm setting this up for a tech savvy person but without much time currently for fiddling with settings. Also, I wouldn't be able to change the Scene Switcher configuration during a webcast without potentially effing up, as I would need to 1. start the full screen ppt, 2. change the Switcher config, 3. close PPT, 4. start the webcast. Each time. The potential for forgetting or making an error is enormous.

I'v found the same problem with the Auto Scene Switcher.

(I've tried just changing the slide deck to see if it works, but it doesn't.)

Screenshot: the first is the full screen PowerPoint slides presentation. The second window is the non-full screen, regular window with UI controls for editing.



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Are you going to be using multiple PPTx files with different actions?
if not, why not simply rename the PPTx file to a common name? Then OBS config doesn't need to change
otherwise, I'd think you'd need to run a script to detect filename, then go into plugin config file (json or whatever) and update/edit filename