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Hello! I have been having a lot of audio issues with OBS so far. I am trying to record gameplay and my webcam at the same time. I have desktop audio being recorded as well as through my Razer Kraken headset. My audio settings are set to 48kHz and I have automatic remux to mp4 checked as well after going through the forum and trying to troubleshoot. Neither seem to have helped.

I tried recording one video with a game through Origin and not only was the video messed up (made very small), but the audio from my mic was not synced the entire time. Another video I made was with a game through Steam which was an hour long. The first 20 minutes or so were perfect and then all of a sudden the audio from my mic wasn't synced any longer for the rest of the video. The sound coming from the computer always seems to be fine. I have also tried unplugging the external speakers from my desktop and allowing the sound to all come from my headset essentially which seemed to maybe help a little bit, but the sound was still slightly off.

I have also tried starting my recording before loading up a game and after. Since unplugging my external speakers, the sound was still slightly off when I loaded OBS first. When I started the game first and then loaded OBS it seemed to be fine, however, I only recorded about a five minute video.

I'm not sure why this has been so inconsistent or if there is anything I'm doing wrong but if anyone has any input I would appreciate it.

Thank you! <3