Audio record fails when OBS is not restarted upon laptop closing/opening


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Dear OBS Support,

I have encountered a problem while using your software on my MacBook. In fact, as the title says, I have lost the sound of important files (over 10h of uni lecture) after checking them to start my studying. I have done some basic troubleshooting at home and found that the problem arises when I close the laptop leaving OBS open, re-open the laptop and record a video. The latter video will have its sound missing, unless I quit OBS before closing my Mac and re-open it upon re-logging in the laptop.
I saw some debate about .MP4 and .AMV files and tried with both format, same problem. I have tried on a Windows 10 based laptop (Surface Pro4) and the problem does not happen by repeating the problematic steps.

I really did not anticipate this issue, especially because it doesn't make much sense. I use Soundflower to be able to capture desktop sound on my Mac and it worked fine on some files (the ones where I probably closed OBS in retrospect).

Now I know how to fix my issue, my real question is the following: Is there a way to retrieve the sound track despite this? I can clearly see at the start of each recording that OBS senses sound as the sound bars are moving with it.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.