Question / Help Audio Extremely Glitchy/Quiet


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I'm looking for some help, I was recording a game last night with OBS (21.1.0) and everything was fine. Today I've just attempted to record something and it seems my audio in OBS has completely broken. It sounds extremely quiet. Like, deafeningly quiet. I have (At this point when trying to fix it) all the audio settings on my computer maxed (Game audio is maxed, volume mixer audio is maxed, output device audio is maxed) as well as all the settings in OBS (Desktop audio is maxed) as-well as 3 Gain-Filters which are all maxed (If I do my math correctly, each gain is multiplying the audio by 30 (30x30x30) so the outcome should be about (100 x 30 x 30 x 30) bloody, 2,700,000%! (I may of incorrectly assumed that that's how it works, bear with me lol)) Anyway, you get my point. My audio is barely being received as only 50% volume in OBS, even with all this stuff maxed.

Thanks in advance for any help!
(B.T.W if it's any help the game I'm trying to record is a game called "Men of War: Assault Squad". I don't believe it's on the games side as it was working fine last-night (Didn't change any settings than) but... you never know.)