Question / Help Audio Delay on Stream for viewers

Hi Guys,

I'm sure this has been posted before, I've browsed multiple threads, posted on reddit, tried so many things to try solve the issue but got no where so I'm hoping somebody here can try and assist. Let me explain the history of my issue to give you some insight, if you need me to provide any info please do let me know.

I first started streaming on my old PC, 770 GTX, i5 4670k, 1080p monitor 16gb ram etc etc. I setup OBS studio and started streaming a few weeks back. Not much knowledge required, setting it up was fairly self explanatory, no adjustment to settings... it all just worked. Maybe tweaked my bitrate to see the results.

Then I got a new PC, 8700k, 1080 GTX, 16GB ram... and of course a 1440p 165 hz gsync monitor, it's beautiful, loving the setup.

So I setup OBS like before and it all went smoothly, OBS has an automatic setup wizard and checks what settings you should use etc.

Fast forward to the issue; I do a stream and over time a delay will appear in audio. I'm playing Fortnite, when I should a gun, the audio of the shot will happen 2 seconds after the video.

I believe it's related to 1440p and how thats being rescaled? I'm not sure, I've tried multiple different settings, done screenshare with other streamers to copy their settings etc. Unfortunately they all have 1080p monitors.

What logical steps do I need to take to resolve this issue?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a log file if this helps -

Edit to add - I've tested this with multiple viewer experiences, multiple devices, multiple browsers.
Hi Again,

Just following up on this issue as I still can't seem to solve it.

I'm wondering the best course of action to troubleshoot this kind of issue as I'm not getting anywhere. I now rely on restarting my machine during my stream to get rid of the delay when it happens. Would much rather solve the issue than restart.

Any help appreciated and I'm happy to do anything or provide anything


add a delay to everything else so it sync while you are looking for a fix.
Cheers man, I've added a delay to sync the audio but since the audio delay is gradual, i have to keep adjusting the delay to compensate and it can never be perfect.

I'm still entirely unsure of the issue that could be causing this and would love if somebody who understands OBS a lot better than me could help me troubleshoot.

I have an ASRock Extreme 4 Z370 Motherboard, I'm thinking of getting a standalone sound card to see if that assists with the issue, thoughts?
Where is the "source timestamp" option at. I remember seeing it and I think I have it checked and have been having the same issue, but can't find it
Where is the "source timestamp" option at. I remember seeing it and I think I have it checked and have been having the same issue, but can't find it
Hey bro sorry i missed this, if you havent found it yet - Click on the cog/settings button for your desktop audio, go to Properties and you will see the tick the box option there.