Question / Help Asus RX460 Laptop massive stuttering issue when recording - but game fps is fine


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Laptop specs:
Windows: latest version 1709.
Graphic Drivers: 17.2.1

I've tried OBS, XSplit, IceCream and Windows own recording software with this laptop, I either get black screen (XSplit, Game DVR) or massive stuttering and super low fps of recorded video (OBS, IceCream).
OBS seems to work... sometimes. Sometimes I enable Multi-adapter compatibility with Game Capture and it works, I can record the gameplay (it is a slide show with 1 frame per 3-5 seconds but at least it records), sometimes that doesn't work at all and I'm getting black screen. Display Capture also works or not, when it does - slideshow.
I've downloaded H264 AMD Framework but all these issues persist and I see no difference when using x264 encoder or H264 - they both sometimes work or not.

Laptop has integrated graphics and dedicated RX460 which is used for more demanding programs. In one of the sticky threads there is this info:
Window capture and "compatibility mode":
  • If you cannot set the GPU (AMD laptops typically), or wish to cross-capture an image from the other GPU after that (example, league of legends lobby window), use window/monitor capture with the "compatibility mode" option enabled to force a capture. "Compatibility mode" requires a bit more CPU usage however.
  • Compatibility mode is not recommended for capturing games, but it basically guarantees a capture.
  • Game capture does not have a compatibility mode. Game capture must run on the same GPU as that you wish to capture.

So most likely this is the case, compatibility mode makes the video output so bad it ends up being a slide show. But, I hope someone here had similar issue and maybe, just maybe, solved it somehow, or at least tuned the settings somehow to get the recorded video to at least 10 frames or more. Maybe the issue is with me not knowing anything about any of the settings.

Also, I have tried setting OBS to both "Power saving" and "High performance" in AMD Settings so that it could
work without the Compatibility mode, but it did nothing to improve the fps of the recorded videos.

Can anyone help? I am aware that due to nature of the hardware (having to probably use cross-capture of another GPU) I will never get crisp 30fps or more, but surely less then 3 frames of gameplay recorded every 3-5 seconds is a bit out of the ordinary?
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