Astro A40 TR Gen3/ Dual PC Set up


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I have an Astro A40 Tr Gen3 which i am trying to get to work with Dual pc Set up. Here is a breakdown of how my set up is run:
Streaming pc:

- Astro A40 Tr Mixamp USB

-Elgato USB

-Hyper X mic for Discord

Streaming Pc Sound settings:

PlayBack -

Headset Earphone 5- Astro MixAmp Pro Voice as Default Communications device

Recording -

Headset Microphone 5- Astro MixAmp Pro Voice - Default communications device - Astro Built in mic is used for Discord chat only

Microphone - HyperX Quadcast - Default device - This is used so viewers can hear me on OBS
I don't need any mic on gaming pc as i will be using discord for communications to speak to friends

Gaming Pc Set up:

-Elgato HD60 Connnected by HDMI

-Astro A40 TR Mixamp connected by Optical Cable

-Gaming Pc Sound Settings:

-Elgato Nvidia High Definition Audio - Ready but isn't on Default device or Default communication device

-Realtek Digital Output - Realtek High Definition Audio - Default device (This is allowing me to hear the game) + Default device or Default communication device

What have i done wrong is the set up and how could i perfect things? Please help me out