Application Audio Capture delay


When i boot the stream the audio capture(capturing ingame audio) works just fine, after a while the sound-picture sync is messed up. Video comes first then sound plays after a full second or so. no other problems, all updated, all troubleshooted. anyone experience this? Normal audio capture works fine. This happens to all the different games i try. I am not sure if it outsyncs when capturing youtube ( i use spotif for music but it could happen in a video clip for example with audio and video) for example cause i mainly use this to separate streaming audio for twitch vods, DMCA issues.


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Hi, I'm having the same issue. I don't think the delay happens mid-stream or mid-record but it doesn't seem to be consistent on different OBS boots or when selecting different windows. If I want the audio to be synced properly, it seems I'd have to test it every time I switch games, which seems like a real pain...


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The newer capture methods are great ideas, but they still have bugs, and possibly unfixable problems if the operating system itself doesn't even have the concept of what OBS wants from it.

The older methods of capturing *whatever* is on a particular screen or comes out of a particular sound card, are practically bulletproof, but you then have to control by other means what actually goes there. If you just capture your normal headphones, and you use those same headphones to Monitor yourself or the app, you'll get an echo because it really does capture *everything* that goes there.


You might get a cheap USB sound card and not wire it to anything. Just plug it in somewhere, send the app(s) to it that you want OBS to capture, and nothing else.

Or you might install a loopback audio driver. That'll appear as a new speaker and a new microphone. Send the app(s) to that virtual speaker, and have OBS pick up that virtual mic.

Or, you could even have a mixing console in between:
Two different sizes of the same thing. Each of them installs some virtual speakers and mics, that connect to the virtual mixer. It's as if you had a basic physical mixer and that many physical sound cards plugged into it. Connect OBS and your other apps to the appropriate ones for what you're doing, and use the mixer to complete the connections.