Application Audio Capture bot picking up Game audio


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I'm trying to set up a scene with all my audio sources as "Application Audio Capture (BETA)" sources. I've gotten my music to work, but when I add in my game no audio is shown being picked up in the audio mixer when I have the game open. Everything else seems to be working for audio in all my scenes, except no game audio. I've tried switching tracks, monitoring, desktop audio 1 & 2 (default vs headphones vs disabled) but nothing makes a difference for the game audio. I want to be able to have each of my audio sources on separate tracks so I can change how they're streamed/recorded but I can't seem to get it to work for my game audio. Does the Application Audio Capture not work for some games or is there a specific setting to change to get it to start picking it up that I'm missing? I've spend hours trying to set everything up but just can't get this last part to work. I'd appreciate any help I can get please. Thanks

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I've seen a lot of questions here about the Application and Game captures not working. They're a good idea, but something about how the internals work makes them spotty. Could be bugs in OBS, or it could be that Windows' audio has a variety of ways it can work, and only some apps use the way that is accessible at all for OBS to pick up.

The Desktop capture works, as a copy of what the physical output is doing, but you have to remember that that's *after* the mixer for that physical output, so it captures everything, including OBS's own Monitor if you send it to the same device.

If you don't like that, you can install a loopback audio driver, which is a virtual speaker and virtual mic, that appear in the same lists as the physical ones and behave the same way to any application, and whatever you send to the virtual speaker appears in the virtual mic. Set your apps accordingly.

This one seems to be popular:
There's a single one at the top of the page, and if you need more, you can scroll down and get two more pairs for a total of 5 independent loopbacks if you really need that much.

If you want to have some basic processing and rather capable routing, you can also put an audio console in between:
Pick the one of those that fits what you're doing and likely will do in the future. They come with their own virtual speakers and mics, independently from the 5 above, but these connect to the virtual audio console instead of directly to each other.