Anyone using HybridKeyer for OBS v28 (Mac OS)


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Found an old thread about Halsu-HybridKeyer filter ( and really want to use its keyed with OBS v28 on MacOS. I have downgraded to OBS v27.1 to test this on Mac, but there is just a gray screen when I select the filter. My camera image does not even come through. This seems to be a great tool, I just cannot get it to work. Anyone currently using this shader that can assist? (I also posted this question on the original thread.... )

Thanks in advance.


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Bumping the thread, I also ran into Halsus Keyer while looking for a better keyer for my stream, spent a few hours fiddling trying to install the shadefilters plugin on my M1 mac mini, finally ended up on Exeldros release of the plugin page and downloaded the ARM64 release which worked.

On the bright side a bunch of the example filters work flawlessly which will make a nice addition to the stream but on the downside Halsu-HybridKeyer doesn't seem to work at all, the plugin doesn't react when I point it to the .shader file, anyone ever found a solution to this? Does the code needs to be updated to work with the new M1 machines? I would like to know.