Any idea why OBS can't capture DXVK on fullscreen?


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OBS can perfectly capture other Vulkan applications (like RPCS3) both windowed or fulllscreen and can capture DXVK on windowed mode just fine as well.

Currently I'm trying to capture Dark Souls 1 PTDE (DX9) running through DXVK (version 1.7.1) and it will not capture it if is on fullscreen mode, neither Game nor Display Capture will work. As far as I know Vulkan will enable fullscreen by itself if you use the whole display, so "borderless windowed" also can't be captured.

This is all under Windows 10 v2004, OBS v25.0.8

Dunno if there's anything that can be done on OBS side or if this is a side effect of the "on development" status of DXVK.