Another Wayland + KDE + OBS Problem


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I've seen several issues relating to this and am not sure if this is the same issue others were having (with a Pipewire segfault, maybe, which is not the case for me).

I've confirmed OBS is running on native Wayland. Looking at the logs, it seems everything is peachy until:

12:51:20.992: glDeleteBuffers failed, glGetError returned GL_INVALID_OPERATION(0x502)
12:51:20.992: glDisable failed, glGetError returned GL_INVALID_OPERATION(0x502)

And then those two lines keep repeating over and over. I assume this is an OpenGL issue? I just recently switched to Wayland and this is only one of the two real problems I've run into, which is actually pretty good, but still.

Side note, is there any way to tell definitively if I'm using EGL or GBM?


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I would suspect it is due to the Nvidia driver. Nvidia and Wayland is experimental at best at the moment (in my experience)
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