American football - Moving overlay


Hi everyone,

I have a question and can't find a solution so far. We are about to go live for another season of american. I'd like to have some graphic overlays : Downs and yards to go. Those things are basics when watching nfl games, but how can i do it with OBS ?

I want to have a black line on the "from" yard line and a yellow line on the "to" yard line. This have to be moving when the camera moves, so it remains at the right place.
The same thing regarding the down... i'd like to have an overlay that says "x down - y yards to go" with the same constraint, it should seem painted on the field...

I hope you see what i'm asking for... but don't know if it's possible with OBS... Any ideas ?


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The lines in American football are basically augmented reality. I don't think OBS can do this with moving cameras.


I've saw a youtube "how does it work", and it's quite tricky indeed... i'll stick to a simple fixed overlay at the bottom of the screen...