Am I correct in how iCloud Drive works on MacOS and iOS?


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So it appears that any document that gets added/edited in iCloud Drive automatically gets those changes downloaded to my Mac for offline use.
On an iOS device files in iCloud Drive are not downloaded automatically to the iOS device unless you open them and then they are saved to the iOS device. True or false?
I basically want all my documents in iCloud Drive to be on my iPad for offline use but it appears that I can only do that by opening them individually so they download to the device.
Is there any easier way to download multiple files or better yet folders from iCloud to an iOS device? The lack of ability to do this is super frustrating.


GoodReader can sync directories of files on demand from OneDrive, DropBox, Google, or wherever. You do have to initiate the sync. I wouldn't want my portable devices to be burning their batteries with background sync anyway. It has some iCloud functions, but I don't use that part.