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New user to OBS, but not technology or basic sound engineering.

Using a multichannel mixer Allen & Heath QU-16, connecting a direct USB connection to a Windows 10 Pro Laptop. Device is recognized as "QU-16 IN", and an audio signal is detected however I'm having a hard time getting the audio into OBS. I've made the input hot to ensure a strong signal but can't seem to see a workaround. Are there any solutions, plugin's etc that may help to get this to work?



Latest firmware / software installed?
If OBS sees it as "QU-16 IN" it's detected OK most likely. If that's the status then great.
What's status of Post pre amp and Direct out? Do some testing on that. It's hopefully just a matter of locking in the right settings for it to work with OBS unless its simply isnt supported.

This is probably not an OBS issue.
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Thanks for the reply's gentlemen.
All device firmware and drivers are installed. Laptop recognizes "QU-16-IN"... I can see amplitude input in the device config but, OBS does not show any input at all.

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what kind of problems occur without the plugin? I noticed issues and now trying to determine if this was the cause.
As I learn more, I guess ASIO plug-in is only for Windows and I am on Mac.

regarding my issue of noise in stream from QU....

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On QU I/o settings, you need to route your audio to USB channels and 1 & 2, so it can be seen by OBS. Same is true if using USB adapter to get basic audio into iPad.


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You beat me to it Skip! I was trying to figure that out for a couple of days now and that thought hit me. Now, OBS recognizes the main output from my Qu16 USB-B to MacBook connection. Here's the screen from my Qu16:


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I just went through this as well: QU-16 and a Win 10 machine. In my case I needed to install a Win 10 driver (from A&H's site) as well as the OBS-Asio plug-in to make it work. It looks like all 24 channels are available that way, so you could leave the QU-16's channel assignment in default, and just select 17 and 18 in OBS instead of 1 and 2, although since I had already changed the console, I left it alone.