Question / Help All troubleshooting steps done, still dropping frames


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Hey everyone.

So I'm a bit confused. I've been going over the steps in relation to Network Dropped Frames for OBS and I am unable to identify where my issue lies.
I've been having frame drops kind of consistently, not to a point where I have a full disconnect but they are little drops here and there keeping my dropped frames consistently at 1% of the total stream frames. Yesturday and today have been the absolute worst and I cannot keep this consistent anymore. I've gone through the OBS tips on dropped frames, I contacted my ISP in relation to signal and have had no dropped signals for a while. So I'm a little confused and was wondering if a more technical individual can assist me in getting this operational. I have Firewall and Virus protection (standard windows one) but I'm not sure if that's stopping it. Ports 1934 is allowed on my firewall but when I check via, it shows as closed, similar concept with port 80, yet I'm online no problem.

I have OBS studio 24.0.3 (64 bit), i7 4790k, 1060 6gb PC, 32gb of ram.

I've attached a log which was just outputted for your review.
Thank you and any input is appreciated.


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