Add Visibility Transition - has this gone?


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I was using a custom build of OBS that had a feature called Visibility Transition which was great for a slow reveal of a cam, gif, logo or text - but it seems to have vanished now and I'm wondering if this will come back... It's great for a slicker reveal to things on screen..

Thanks in advance- Kuff

PS - I think this was built by @Exeldro


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It is still not in the official OBS you can follow the change request here:
The latest build at this moment is:


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Hi, can you update the download link? When I want to download it shows a 404 error page. Thank you so much.


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its in the post above


It shows a 404 error page in that new link like this.
If you have the installer file, would you mind sending the file to my email ( Because I very need it and don't know where I can find another installer file.