a lot of pixelation/blurriness when streaming


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i get a lot of pixelation when i'm streaming and it seems to happen when there are too many things happening in-game here's a clip where you can see what i'm talking about (watch in fullscreen) https://clips.twitch.tv/ResourcefulBoldYakDansGame this happens in other games aswell not just in borderlands. i've tried to use streamlabs but it didnt work for me because there's some frame skipping action while im streaming.. here are my specs, obs settings and my speedtest.


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More bitrate is the only solution. High motion games require 10-20mbps to look good at 1080p60, far more than most streaming sites allow.


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Just set the max of 6000kbps if you're streaming to Twitch, your internet can easily handle it.
Change how the codec encodes your videos. The more keyframes the less blocks or blur image. Try high quality. Make sure all videos and settings are at the same frame rate too. Make OBS max Priority on the CPU. Or just get another computer to do only the encoding and nothing else using NDI.