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Re-upload from earlier forums.

3DS Capture Source for loopy's capture hardware.

CLR Host Plugin is required!

Note: I'm missing the cable to test this plugin at the moment. It should still work though.R
Version: 1.0

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  • 3DSCaptureSource.7z
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Unfortunately, when I install the x86 and I run OBS (In Administrator mode as well), it says, "Plugin 'CLRHost.Interop.dll' is designed for the 64 bit version of OBS and could not be loaded." I also put the 64 bit one in the 64 bit OBS but it had the same message but also and extra message saying, "CLRHostPlugin.dll is not installed on the 64 bit of OBS and could not be loaded" even though I have it there in my plugins folder! Why is this happening?