Bug Report 2 .dlls don't load error in logs file

Hey Hey,

When i start OBS 64bit (V. 0.14.2) i notice that in logs i get 2 errors in loading 2 dll's.

09:16:29.097: Loading module: coreaudio-encoder.dll
09:16:29.106: [CoreAudio encoder]: Failed loading library 'CoreAudioToolbox.dll'
09:16:29.106: [CoreAudio encoder]: Couldn't load CoreAudio AAC encoder
09:16:29.106: ---------------------------------
09:16:29.148: Loading module: image-source.dll
09:16:29.155: ---------------------------------
09:16:29.209: Loading module: obs-ffmpeg.dll
09:16:29.217: LoadLibrary failed for 'nvEncodeAPI64.dll', error: 126
I checked the OBS plugin folder and they are not in the folder.


CoreAudioToolbox is optional. As for the other error, do you have an nVidia card? If not, that's probably why it's not loading an nVidia-specific DLL. Neither of them are plugins and I don't think either of them are actually provided by OBS. CoreAudioToolbox certainly isn't.


Why is it strange? Part of the point of DLLs is that you can use code written by other people, that's what the CoreAudio toolbox is, it's Apple's AAC encoding toolbox. The nvEncode API comes with nVidia drivers.
What I found strange was that OBS Studio is "hardcoded" in the program to load some plugins that is not standard for the program, and therefor will always force error messages in the logs files.

Where it should only load the 2 plugins if they where found in the plugin folder, like it does any other 3rd party plugins.

This was just a heads-up as i though it was a mistake that these plugins was missing from the OBS Studio installation file.