Question / Help 1080p60FPS vs. 720p60FPS vs. 1080p30FPS


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Hello there fellows :D

I do Youtube Videos and Streams for quite a Time now, my Local Recordings do look really good in my opinion, there i got help of a buddy and he did formidable work.
But for my Streams, i somehow dont get the hang of it. I Stream via Restream to Twitch, Youtube, Mixer and Smashcast. My PC Should handle quite much like my Internet Connection. Right now my PC Specs are:

AMD Ryzen 1700x, Palit Geforce 1080, 16GB RAM. My Internet Connection comes with: Download mostly with 100Mbit/s Upload with 15 Mbit/s.

So far i Stream via OBS Studio.
Codec: x.264
Bitrate: 3500
Keyframe: 2
Processor: Fast
Profil: High
Tune: Nothing
x.264 Option: empty

There are no problems with the stream itself, its consistent no lags and so on. I Tried and i could handle without problems 6000 or more Bitrate, due to not being an Twitch Partner and bad Internet Connections in whole Germany i dont go over 3500 or many users couldnt watch the Stream with lags. So now with a Bitrate of 3500, the Picture isnt as good as my local recordings with a bitrate of 12000 (and i know its logical that the stream looks worse with that low of a bitrate :P).

To the Question: Many people like i read in the Internet and even here in Forum are Discussing the thing with in what resolution should you stream. 1080p60fps, 720p60fps or 1080p30fps. I read some opinions on 720p60fps for fast paced games like shooters, 1080p30fps for slow games and never do 1080p60fps.

So i tried myself with Left 4 Dead 2. 3 Livestreams each with a different resolution. And to be honest o.O either my eyes are very bad or i dont see any difference. Thats why im asking you now, whats your opinion looks better:


I putted in a Log from the Stream which is online right now. But the Stream just show Local Recordings on my pc via OBS.



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In my humble opinion, 720@60FPS has the clearer image quality and what I consider the best option. Most viewers I come across keep chat open anyway so 1080p ends up being overkill on fast paced games.

I can try recording a L4D2 session on the same maps later, to check if that sort of image quality on those same settings is normal though. I wouldn't expect dark regions of the image to create that level of blocking.

On a sidenote, update OBS to the latest version and disable game DVR.
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I have a separate encoding PC, and I was able to stream Battletech at 1080p60 on Medium at 6Mbps, and it looked awesome. Better than I thought it would for the bitrate for sure. Just proved again to myself to test instead of relying on what I thought I knew.

At 3.5Mbps, I'd stick to 720p60. You could also experiment with some intermediate resolution between 1080p and 720p. But 720p60 is more of a sure thing for that bitrate.

Back in the day, I used to stream 720p40 at 3000 bitrate with a 2000 buffer due to only having a 5Mbps upload speed. My upload is faster now though.

You can't use YouTube to compare quality, by the way, since YouTube recompresses everything that is uploaded to it. Its not an apples to apples comparison.