1. M

    In the obs settings you cannot raise the bitrate above 1

    When setting up the stream, I encountered a problem - the picture was constantly pixelated. AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 XT graphics card. I found out on the Internet that in order to stream from this video card, you need to manually install the h264 avc encoder amd advanced media framework encoder in...
  2. I

    OBS crashes after adding ram (0x80000003)

    I usually use double-sided RAM (8g, 4g each), but recently added single-sided RAM (both 4g) and installed them in 1,3 / 2,4 sockets, respectively, but after adding RAM, OBS crash occurs. I attach the crash log and RAM specifications and my PC specifications.
  3. M

    I can't stream but I can record

    So I tried deleting plugin for OBS and I might deleted an important file or something, bcs the streaming worked for me just fine yesterday. logs below help pls :'( https://obsproject.com/logs/F0hBNBwXfb4fIF26
  4. M

    Obs crashes even before starting the live, I have tried all the various systems both 32 bit and 64, also to change the webcam, can someone please help

    hi all, I already announce that it will be a detailed explanation of my problem, thanks to those who will try to help me understand my problem, and sorry for the monologue. Never had any kind of problem since I installed " Armory " which would be the motherboard program, all kinds have happened...
  5. runei


    I have NO idea what to do please. I need help. I BEG. OBS opens for a few seconds before crashing. --- I've uninstalled and reinstalled obs from the website download and steam download. I've also tried restarted my laptop. I uninstalled steamFX right before this happed. so far nothing is working.
  6. F

    Setting device_id with websocket (don't know what value to set)

    I'm developing some stream deck plugins, and since I use a lot of virtual audio cables, my source configuration normally gets reset and my audio sources all point to the "default" audio device. Since I'm also using USB devices some ids may come directly from windows. I've manage to retrieve the...
  7. K

    obs won't open MSVCP140.dll not found

    I've been trying to open obs for days but when I try it says "Code execution cannot continue because MSVCP140.dll was not found. This problem can be solved by reinstalling the program". I reinstalled the program but it keeps crashing. I hope for a solution because I really use obs a lot):
  8. B

    OBS freezes after trying to add a new video capture device.

    I have tried on the discord server, but I want to try here too. But, when I try to add a new video capture device, after naming and pressing ok to the next step of the selection screen, obs freezes. The video workspace still works however, it will not respond and will be permanently stuck on...
  9. S

    obs unstable bitrate in windows 10!!!!1

    i used to stream on yt on win 7 there was no bitrate issue and stream was smooth!!! but when i upgraded to win 10 my bitrate fluctuates a lot so much dropped frames!!! plzzz help
  10. K

    QHY astronomical camera

    Hi, Please excuse my English in advance, I have a question about the QHY 5 II L astronomical camera. For some time now, I have been trying in vain to set up a live broadcast from this camera. Unfortunately, the OBS does not see it among the sources, although the drivers for Directshow are...
  11. E

    Question / Help Window capture problem

    I was trying to stream my sim called P3d v4,I was using window capture ,It worked for the first day but after that day the window capture went black screen https://obsproject.com/logs/tDD4LCgOp5MZmCBo
  12. C

    Question / Help NOT Getting OBS to "connect" with the LIVE part of Facebook We are running all Windows 10 with a Logitech Camera

    When attempting to go live on Facebook-LIVE, I am not seeing the “LIVE" icon with the eye and the # of viewers”. The video is recorded and is posted on Facebook AFTER I’ve completed the recording. So, it’s recording ok but not actually streaming LIVE on Facebook. What am I doing wrong? I am NOT...
  13. F

    Question / Help Problem "Failed to Connect to the server"

    Saludo, venía haciendo stream continuamente sin problema por un mes más o menos pero de repente me tira este error "Failed to Connect to the server", ya he cambiado mil y una vez de stream key desde twitch, desinstalado y reinstalado el Obs, está actualizado el programa en su versión 21.2.1 y...