win capture audio

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    Win capture audio not working!

    I am using Windows 10 I was trying to add chrome audio but its not working not audio! i have also tryed with other applications but no use! its not capturing the audio from the application.. i reinstalled the plugin and also checked the path but no use.... what shuold i do?
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    Win Capture Audio problem

    Hello, im using a win capture audio plugin in OBS, and all working normal untill a few days ago. Charts work normally but when i stream or recording its giving no sounds. It stopped working overnight, i know OBS have something like win capture audio but in win capture audio we can add an .exe...
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    application audio capture does not appear

    Hello everybody, i'm trying to capture audio of different windows separately. i tried with the win capture audio plugin but it doesn't work so i found this native function of obs (application audio capture (beta)) but it's not there in the choice of sources. does anyone know how to make it...
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    [OBS 28.0.3] Random audio stuttering when recording

    When I record my videos, my audio will randomly start to stutter for a couple seconds. It has been happening for the last month and I couldn't find any solutions online. I tried turning Audio monitoring on and off, and it still did not fix it. I am not using a microphone and only recording game...
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    separate audio tracks problem: only track 1 is being recorded

    Hello everyone, My friend and I watched this video, downloaded the win capture audio plugin and copied the exact settings to our obs. We both wanted to have three separate audio tracks: discord, game and mic. Then we both recorded a short video to test it. And it...