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    How to make camera automatically switch camera in one window?

    Hello. Im new here, ive been looking for guide but have not find close guides. Me with my colleagues are making internal tournament in the game Dota 2. And we would like to put cams of players on stream. I mean that - we have 10 webcams from obs ninja. And how to make it automatically...
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    Issues with OBS Recording Clarity

    Help! I'm attempting to use OBS Studio to record my new podcast. For some reason, the video quality I see while recording, does not come out the same once the recording is done. It basically loses some quality. my setup is as such: MacBook Pro Laptop, Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.7 LogiTech C922 Web Cam...

    One of j5 Create Won't Show Images in OBS

    I need help urgently. I just bought two j5 Create 4k webcams that I intended to use to stream an online broadcast just so I can use them from different angles within my studio. Micro Center advised that since they're 4k webcams, that I use the 3.2 USB ports and cables to connect to my pc. I...
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    Question / Help 2 cams added only 1 works at a time

    Hi I’m pretty new to this and not very tech savvy. I have 2 web cams , a Microsoft lifecam 3000 and a lifecam 5001. I have added them to different scenes and one only seems to work at a time. so if scene1 (3000) works but I switch to scene2 (5001) it’s a black screen. But if I press the on...
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    Question / Help Device not showing up in Video Capture Device

    I have a Logitech C615 webcam and when I press video capture card nothing shows up and nothing shows up in devices PLEASE HELP
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    Question / Help OBS + Webcam Input Issues.

    I recently got a new GPU. So I upgraded. The card is BETTER than the last one. I think this has something to do with my issue because my set up use to work with no problems. I use Webcams for my main source and now when I load up OBS the Webcams feeds are glitchy/tearing/freezing. They are...