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    Distorted Audio from Black Magic Web Presenter HD

    I have been using the older version of the Web Presenter which takes a SDI video/audio input and converts it to a USB webcam feed that I have as a video and audio source in OBS. This works great but I recently updated to the Web Presenter HD to try and gain 1080 streaming. No matter what I do...
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    URGENT!!! Audio works in OBS but we aren't getting audio on the stream!

    This started happening recently. Ive looked at tones of other forum post related to this problem but none of the "fixes" helped us. Audio and video comes from our BlackMagic Web Presenter. Media sources like .mp3 files play audio correctly on the stream but not our Web Presenter. We have all...
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    Can't connect to FB with BMD Web Presenter plugged in

    I've searched and can't find anything on this issue I'm having, unless I'm just not asking the correct questions. Using Windows 7-x64 on HP i7 laptop, OBS 25.0.8, and BMD Web Presenter. I am able to repeat this issue time after time and I'm getting nowhere with it. Everything is connected and...
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    Question / Help SOLVED: Blackmagic Web Presenter: Strange noise/hiss

    I have tried two different Web Presenters and two different computers (Windows 10) but I still get this strange noise (-55 - -40dB) even I have no cameras or mics connected (only USB from Web Presenter to computer). This noise is not shown on Web Presenter output, only on OBS. Does anyone have...