visual glitch

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    Minecraft lags when I ran obs.

    I've been having this problem for a while and tried multiple things to fix it. I've run it in administrator, I've even gone to the NVIDIA control panel and added the Javaw.exe file. That fixed it for a while but it stopped working. What happens is it lags Minecraft along with many visual...
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    Mini DV screen recording alignment issue

    Hey there, I'm in the process of screen recording Mini DVs to digitize them. I'm using OBS version 29.0.2 (mac) on a 2013 Macbook Air. Running the Mini DVs from a camcorder (a Canon Elura 2) to my PC using an RGB cable plugged in to the HDMI Docking Station that comes with the camcorder (it's...
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    Weird Visual Glitch While Recording

    Ok so I'm not entirely sure what's causing this glitch I'm having, nor really how to describe it. I am attempting to record Nintendo Switch gameplay using a Capture Card I had bought about 2.5 years ago. Now I have used this Capture Card with my Switch in the past with no issues and the only...
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    Obs Audio and Visual Error

    I have been using obs to record minecraft, and I've encountered a few errors. The most pressing issue is the video error. I have two sources which is a "browser" source that I have a twitch chat thing I found online so my twitch chat could be displayed in my recording the other source is the...
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    Game Capture Screen Tearing, Visual Glitch & Stutter

    This isn't the same type of screen tear associated with VSync disabled, since it happens with and without the option enabled. Upon further inspection, the recording exhibits tearing that goes horizontal and vertical. Another thing to note is a visual glitch, a checkered pattern as seen beneath...
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    Question / Help Odd blurry stripe at bottom of video feed?

    Hi I've been having this weird issue where there is a really weird blurry stripe at the bottom of my livestream feed, it isn't visible inside OBS and persists across different games, even with display capture or game capture. It's hard to see, but it is rather distracting and can't figure out...
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    Bug Report glitchy visuals when streaming

    i have a video of what is happening when i stream: and the log file: I can not stream with these glitches occurring please help me fix
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    Bug Report Screen tearing/random glitching w/ Window Capture Hey there! So I'm having a minor but incredibly irritating issue/bug where while window capturing Elgato Game Capture HD software on my Mac, there is random screen glitches/tearing/something or other that's really gettin' on my nerves. I've tried...
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    Question / Help Problems with window capture

    I'm using OBS to stream art and so I added a window capture for Clip Studio Paint. It appears to be working nicely but then once in a while a few black stripes appear above the window capture, it's like a really quick glitch. It ruins the stream experience. Am I doing something wrong? What...
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    Question / Help Weird visual glitch

    So I make a capture a video, when I play it in a media player it seems fine, but when I upload it anywhere (discord or import it in Vegas) it becomes like this in the first few seconds of the videobut then it gets normal