virtual webcam

  1. nhtua

    Free GreenCam v0.3.0

    GreenCam is a virtual green backdrop for OBS Studio. Yep! You are not crazy. It basically replaces every thing around you by green color. So that you can use the Chroma Key filter in OBS Studio to put yourself in any other video. GreenCam is powered by a machine learning technology called...
  2. Tangential

    Question / Help Ripcorder+OBS as virtual webcam on Mac?

    Has anyone tried Ripcorder ? It says it can capture a mac screen and make that appear as a webcam source. I'm hopeful that I could put a fullscreen copy of program on one of my monitors and use Ripcorder to convert to a webcam source for my mac. Then I could use it with Zoom/Skype/FaceTime