virtual audio

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    Echo with Realtek headphone virtualization enabled

    Hi I have a little problem ( also this could help some peoples with the same problem ) I tried to record some stuff in game and on my desktop with OBS and noticed my sound had a echo... So I spent hours searching where it could come from, trying all solution I could find on the web, nothing...
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    How could I send a virtual microphone outputting from OBS -> Google Meet/Zoom?

    So I use Google Meet for live transmission and once I use a DSRL camera as webcam, I use a video capture card and open it on OBS, sending a virtual camera. The thing is that my video has a delay, comparing with audio (which comes from my video capture card). So when I send my virtual camera and...
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    Virtual Audio Output

    So first of all, I'm very glad that OBS studio added a virtual video output, so I don't have to use any plugin for it anymore. However, I'd like to see virtual audio output added into OBS, where you can maybe have multiple virtual audio outputs, and you could select what you audio tracks would...