1. A

    Gravo a tela por 30 minutos e gera gravação final de somente uns 8 minutos .O que acontece ?

    Grave a tela por 30 minutos e gere gravação final de somente uns 8 minutos .O que acontece ? Somente 1/3 da gravação fica no video final
  2. beatenbatteredscared

    Can't get signal!!!???!!!

    Hey guys. New here, I'm sure it's been asked a million times and most likely answered. I have no one to talk to or find an answer/solution to my problem. That of which,... I CANT GET MY INTERFACE/DAW SIGNAL INTO OBS!!it doesn't movement on the meter.... It's been 3DAYS of trying!!!.I've...
  3. M

    Cannot play videos in PowerPoint when recording using OBS

    I am trying to record a presentation with me speaking over the top. So far this has been fine, I can see myself and my slides, and they move on the recording when I click through the slides by having the PowerPoint in 'browsed by an individual' slideshow mode. However, my presentation has...
  4. K

    How To Play Multiple Videos With Alpha' One After Another?

    Currently I have ONE video that's just a music visualizer that goes over my 'BRB Overlay' I want to add more song and have them be on screen visually. Note: I also have to 'output and monitor' the video so I know when the song ends as I mute desktop audio so it doesn't get an echo. So...
  5. Smolt

    Question / Help Graininess/Low Quality Videos & Streams

    Whenever I start a recording/stream, it always ends up looking quite grainy and all in all just low quality. Anyone know what is causing this? Here's my settings:
  6. Dihelson Mendonca

    Question / Help Is there some way to display a pic or video from time to time ?

    Hello, All, I´m broadcasting live and I would like to show a weather report at my side, to display automatically every 5 or 10 minutes. How to do it ? Is there any way ? Thanks in advance !
  7. T

    Question / Help Editing OBS footage: Adobe Premiere Elements and OBS video glitching

    So... Whenever I capture video from my PC using OBS and import the video to Adobe Premiere Elements, I get a few weird issues. One is that it will make frames reds if i split the clip, or place a title (text over it). The next a more infuriating problem is that the clip will randomly play at a...
  8. L

    Question / Help Videos come out blurry When finish recording

    Hi I'm having a problem when im trying to record a video and the video comes out blurry so i can post it on my youtube channel i don't know what the problem is i search on YouTube to fix the situation but nobody has the problem except me Here is my pc specs: AMD FX-6300 six core 3.50 GHz 12 GB...