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    4 webcam + 2 monitors - wich videocard ?

    hi, i have 4 usb webcams, and i want to add a second monitor. i'm using a debian based distro. wich videocard you recomend? it will help working better? or i need something else? it gets kind of miswork when i add a transparent png for background and a mov(quicktime) for displaying tittles like...
  2. L

    Two video cards

    Hi, everybody! I´ve just bought a desktop wich has two video cards and I´m using three monitors. OBS can´t use all of them at same time. Or I choose built in card where I have two monitors connected (HDMI and Display Port) or the other one where I have a third monitor connected by DVI. OBS sees...
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    XPS 8300 (i7 - 2600 @ 3.40 GHz) Livestreaming @ 1080p and 60fps (450W PSU - 16GB RAM) - running windows 10

    Hi, I am trying to set up a livestreaming channel on Youtube and my current GPU(HD7770) does not encode and the live streaming is running on the processor, which makes it very slow. Is there a Video Card that you would suggest using for the XPS 8300? We do not have much on it (taking power)...
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    Question / Help CPU or Videocard? What is most important when live-streaming using ultrabook

    Hi! I am going to broadcast using OBS, and using 2-3 exetrnal cameras, build in chromakey function, animation, additional video files (footages) etc., but no games. And i would like to do it with ultrabook. What is the most important characteristic of ultrabook i need? Powerful CPU or...