1. N

    I can only add one video capture device and the other only shows black

    Hello folks! I have a problem. For some mysterious reason I can only add one video capture device at a time. If I connect my cam first, it works, but my gameplay doesn't. When I want to add the gameplay I get a black screen. So I can only add one video capture device and the second one I want to...
  2. S

    Why OBS can't add Splitcam video?

  3. S

    Crash While Adding Video Capture Device

    Hello all! Similar to this forum linked below, I am having an issue adding a Video Capture Device. I'm trying to modify my camera within OBS, but each time I pull up the properties menu, OBS freezes and I have to restart. I've also tried unplugging the camera from my computer and the properties...
  4. jilliey

    SOLVED How to have audio come through OBS when using Video Capture Device.

    {Posting my reply to someone having the issue of audio not coming through OBS here so it is easier for others to find.} My reasoning for figuring this out was because I wanted to use my laptop as a monitor for Nintendo Switch. OBS is most compatible with my Video Capture Card so I decided to use...
  5. B

    OBS freezes after trying to add a new video capture device.

    I have tried on the discord server, but I want to try here too. But, when I try to add a new video capture device, after naming and pressing ok to the next step of the selection screen, obs freezes. The video workspace still works however, it will not respond and will be permanently stuck on...
  6. N

    Help with Recording Old Home Videos

    Hi there! So I’ve having a lot of trouble recording my old home videos through my camcorder. I have a video capture device and it works and everything but the image is really low quality and pixelated (more so than the original video). Also when I plug my laptop into my TV through a HDMI cable...
  7. M

    Video delay with PTZ PoE camera in OBS

    so, I recently got a PTZ camera and the video delay was only a few milliseconds so I never really bothered fixing it. However, since getting the recent camera, the video delay has jumped up to about 2 or 3 seconds behind the audio. I've tried everything to lower the latency of the PTZ camera...
  8. J

    MacOS Lagging Video capture

    Hi all, apologies if this has been answered but I can’t find anything. I am having some issues with my set up and can’t work out what is causing it. my set up: - Mac Mini 2018 3Ghz i5 6 Core CPU (64GB RAM) with eGPU - Microscope with blackmagic decklink mini PCIE HDMI capture card in an Echo...
  9. S

    No sound from my Nintendo Switch on OBS

    Hello! I’m super new to all this so sorry in advance but I would really appreciate if someone helped! My Mac is from 2011 so I probably don’t have the most recent OBS installed, I’m trying to stream games from my Nintendo switch using an HDMI to USB video capture card (a cheap one may I add) i...