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    Question / Help Can't see media source in preview panel

    Why can I not see my media source (a video) in my preview panel, yet when I hit transition it sometimes plays in the Program panel, and sometimes I only get audio, with no video in the Program panel? This was sporadic before uploading the latest version of OBS, but now I can't get the video to...
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    Additional URL for media source

    Hello. I have 4 IP cameras as media sources. Does it make sense to add the "URL for preview" field to the source settings or does the preview not overload the CPU? The preview URL will be of lower quality than the main URL.
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    Question / Help Recent webcam lag where working previously fine

    Hi everyone, new user. Thank you for this forum. I interview people on Skype (live) and bring them in to OBS.When I first started doing this, I used to use a Logitech C920 webcam on my mac as both the camera for the Skype guest to see me, and the camera that went out to YouTube for the audience...