video issue

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    Random Video/Audio Drops

    Hello, I am using a DeckLinkSDI 4k for output/capture And an AV Matrix for video capture. Every once and awhile Audio/Video will completely garble, dropout and come right back. Attached is my logfile. Should be the very last one
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    NDI HX iOS App only showing audio / NO VIDEO (Mac Pro late 2013)

    Hi OBS users, Recently had this issue with OBS and NDI HX iOS app on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina. I've checked this in a MacBook Pro 2018 and worked perfectly. But in my Mac Pro late 2013 used to work correctly and now it isn't. Somebody has this same issue. I update all drivers, also a did a clean...
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    Question / Help Issue: Green Screen When Streaming to Twitch

    Hello Everyone! Today I streamed Anthem. When I would start the stream, everything looked fine on the preview, and on Twitch. Then for some reason, the stream on Twitch became just a green screen even though my preview still looked fine and the viewers could hear me. I restarted the stream, and...