urgent help

  1. henRYANand

    My entire pc freezes when I launch OBS

    Since the new update yesterday, my entire PC keeps freezing when I launch OBS studio. The first 15 to 30 seconds it's fine.. and then... my pc just freezes and I need to manually reboot it. I have no idea what causes this issue besides the new update since I've literally...
  2. R

    URGENT!!! Audio works in OBS but we aren't getting audio on the stream!

    This started happening recently. Ive looked at tones of other forum post related to this problem but none of the "fixes" helped us. Audio and video comes from our BlackMagic Web Presenter. Media sources like .mp3 files play audio correctly on the stream but not our Web Presenter. We have all...
  3. T

    Render lag And Stuttering

    I started streaming back in 2015/2016 when I built my first ever pc. The specs were an amd fx-6350, gtx 750ti, 8gb 2600mhz ram. I was able to stream everything I wanted at 720p60fps, x264 encoder, 6000 but bitrate and be running on higher performance and not drop 1 single frame. I took a break...
  4. Z

    Question / Help Video Capture / Webcam and IMAGE overlay only shows in preview not on the actual desktop

    So my webcam is detected and shows up easily in the preview window but it should also show on the actual desktop when I have minimized the OBS app right? which in this case it doesn't. Can you kindly guide me for this issue? I have attached a few screenshots for a better understanding. A quick...
  5. K

    Bug Report stopped steaming without no reason

    my Fb streaming stopped without no reason also it happend with my friend while he is doing stream in youtube.we have latest verion of OBS.
  6. N

    Question / Help Recording Deleted Need Help(Urgent)

    I've been using OBS for recording for past 30 days. The OBS recordings are in my home/snap/obs-studio/ within this folder there was a folder with 104x where all my recordings were saved. I opened this file obs-studio today but i dont see a 104x file i see a file ith 105x. It happend earlier...
  7. B

    Question / Help OBS Black Screen PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I always wanted to stream and I finally came round to it. I have a dual pc setup with a Avermedia LGP Lite and OBS Studio/StreamElements however, I installed all the software for the LGP Lite(RECentral & Stream Engine as well as the Drivers&Firmware) and the gaming pc's screen does pop up...
  8. FlyDownG_ames

    Question / Help Only the first audio track works

    My recording format is mkv (yes it supports multiple tracks). I have set my first track to be the streaming track and the second, the third and the fourth to my recording tracks (so only streaming works). My audio streaming track bitrate is set to 160 and the others to 320 My microphones...
  9. T

    Question / Help Obs Interrupts Game & Disconnects Itself

    So when I try to play call of duty and stream my obs makes me have connection interruption on my game and also the software itself disconnects. I don’t know what the problem is and it’s killing me. Another thing I can sit in the lobby and everything is good but as soon as I’m actually playing...


    Good morning, can someone help me? in practice when I open OBS the cursor remains as if it were loading something (photo) and I can't do anything, it remains in continuous loading and doesn't let me do anything ... Can you help me please
  11. H


    So, one day when I opened my OBS it just crashed so it was weird so I uninstalled it and reinstalled but it still kept crashing. I kept on uninstalling it and re-doing what I did it kept on crashing. - CRASH REPORT ATTACHED -
  12. J

    Bug Report OBS Video lagging for no reason! [NEED URGENT HELP]

    So around like 2 months ago, I could record in 1920x1080 60 FPS without any problem, I went to a vacation and when I returned home I opened up my OBS and it said there was a newer version available, I downloaded the latest version and I started recording some games (Roblox, Fortnite etc.) While...