update 29.0.0

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    Mic echo only with one scene collections

    I added a new collection by hand building out each scene and source. I am getting mic echo as if desktop audio is picking up my mic output. This collection is set up the same way as all of my others that were added prior to the v29 update. I can switch to another collection and do not have the...
  2. F

    OBS 29.0.0 Video Capture Device audio is uncontrolled?

    I've learned that in the 29.0.0 update, the Video Capture Device source now captures audio. Before the update changed things, I used a separate Audio Input Capture to get the audio from my HDMI-to-USB video capture card (I'm streaming to Twitch from my docked Nintendo Switch). I would expect...
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    29.0.0 making games stutter and tear

    So I was streaming games no problem yesterday but this morning I made the mistake of updating OBS and now, when I open the app, the games start stuttering and dropping frames (it also locks every game to 120fps) without even trying to record or broadcast anything. All it takes is for me to open...