update 29

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    It looks like I Found a Fix to Custom Browser Docks Resizing Since Update 29 came out!

    this is my post on the OBS subreddit enjoy! I am also uploading a youtube video explaining it will link here when it finishes uploading.
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    OBS Crashing on startup after trying to update to new version

    A couple of days ago I tried updating my OBS from version 28.?? to 29.02 and it started crashing on startup. I have tried fully uninstalling my OBS client (scenes, settings) and reinstalling all versions from 28 to 29, but not even a fresh install stops the crash. I have tried fully...
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    Update Broke OBS for Me

    I've been making game captures and videos every day for the past week and had zero issues. Today I update OBS and nothing on OBS is working and it won't capture anything. I have the black screen issue but can't find any solutions that are working. Anyone else have this issue/fix?